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What do you get when you put an athlete, comedian, and a traveler together?

A mobile IV hydration business! VIE means “to live” in French and we believe no matter who you are or what you do, you deserve to live life feeling your best. Despite our diverse backgrounds, we knew that each of us shared something in common; we could be getting more out of our day if we found away to feel 100%. And so we did. Who said we can’t have the energy levels we had as kids? Kiss your snooze button goodbye and say hello to a revived and rejuvenated version of you.






Our Registered Nurses

Lisa Bloom Registered Nurse

Hi everyone! Besides being an ICU nurse for 9 years and counting... I am into scuba diving, surfing, and Muay Thai. I strive to live my best life as well as feel my best. Being a part of Team ...

    Natasha Grippen Registered Nurse & Nurse Practitioner

    Hi! I am originally from Philadelphia and came to San Diego as a traveler after serving in New York after the .....

      Caryn’s Registered Nurse

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        Sandra Toledo Registered Nurse

        Sandra is a Southern California native, and was so happy to come back home after going to nursing school on the East Coast. While she is back in school to ......

          Ron Cabuag Registered Nurse

          Native San Diegan here. I love to travel and meet people. Working for I.vie gives me a chance to travel all around my hometown and meet new people, all the .....

            Brooke Weaver Registered Nurse

            Hello there, my name is Brooke. I have been a critical care nurse for over four years and counting. I have a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Cal Poly: SLO and a Bachelor ....