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Lots of ❤ from our customers...

Alexandra Rodrigues

THANK YOU! I have been struggling with the affects and fatigue of COVID for over 2 weeks. My body was exhausted. Yesterday I received the immune I.V. fluid therapy with a high dose of glutathione, in my home. I am feeling so much better! Thank you nurse Ron C. and I.Vie Mobile Hydration.

Logan Pena

The results are insane! I was down bad in the worst way, sick and not able to keep any liquids down. Chuck came to the rescue and set my body straight. These people are very knowledgeable and 100% know what they are doing.

Shannon Harris

Natasha was our nurse and she was AMAZING! I love this company they always make sure you are taken care of! I also want to say thank you to Claudio for being very flexible with time. When I called this place I was hoping to get IV the next day but he was a said they could do that same day! (Mobile IV)That was amazing!! Best service I’ve had with IV!  

Eden O'Malley

I highly recommend this service! It’s so convenient having them come directly to your home and fairly priced.They provide super professional and friendly nurses who explain everything in detail make the experience relaxing and enjoyable. Im looking forward to continuing to use them as a regimen for my overall health!  

Aaron Soto

Chuck was my RN, he was really helpful and answered all my questions. He showed up super fast and was really professional. He also did an excellent job and I would highly recommend to anyone that needs a RN.