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  • Vitamin C
    This IVIE contains 1 liter of hydration along with a large dose of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is necessary...
  • Hangover
    Threw a few too many back last night? Not everything in life needs to have consequences. We bring to...
  • Immunity
    Feeling sick, fatigued, low energy? Our exclusive Immunity I VIE has the perfect blend of nutrients to...
  • Super NAD
    The human body relies on NAD+, for all essential functions. This coenzyme to Vitamin B3 does everything...
  • NAD+
    The human body relies on NAD+, for all essential functions. This coenzyme to Vitamin B3 does everything...
  • Immunity with vitamin D
    Feeling sick, fatigued, low energy? Our exclusive Immunity IVIE has the perfect blend of nutrients to...

Why Choose Us For In-Home Mobile IV Drip Service in LA?

100% Mobile IV Service

Hangover relief, energy boost, illness recovery, NAD+ & many other IV treatments

Treatments take 45 – 60 minutes

Administered by certified nurses

Available for individuals, groups and events

Mobile IV Service availability in Los Angeles and nearby areas all week

Lots of ❤ from our customers...


How does IV Therapy Work?


Select the treatment

To start with the first step, choose a location and the treatment you need at your doorstep.


Schedule an appointment and select the payment

You need to schedule the appointment by selecting a convenient date and time and selecting a payment method.


We Come To You

Our nurses will be at your doorstep at your selected time.



Does Insurance Cover IV Vitamin Therapy?

Insurance coverage for IV Vitamin therapy may allow you to receive reimbursement. You should contact your insurance provider to determine whether natural and regenerative treatments are covered outside your primary network.

What is IV Vitamin Therapy?

An IV vitamin therapy gives your cells access to essential vitamins and minerals that normally are not absorbed by the digestive tract. It usually takes a few minutes for these vitamins to be absorbed

Is IV Vitamin therapy effective?

IV therapy may replenish the mitochondria by providing essential vitamins and nutrients.

How does Vitamin C IV Therapy Work?

As a powerful antioxidant and water-soluble vitamin, Vitamin C is also a key component in synthesizing collagen. It also provides a pathway for the body to absorb iron from the diet. The small intestine absorbs most vitamin C, but IV administration gets the best plasma levels. Generally speaking, the half-life of vitamin C intravenously is around two hours. The health benefits of vitamin C include: Supporting a healthy immune system. Fighting infections. Healing wounds. Maintaining healthy bone and cartilage mass

Is IV Vitamin Therapy Expensive?

Vitamin IV therapy shouldn't be administered by anyone other than a qualified physician and should not be provided by a spa. Based on individual requirements, the dosage and formulation of mobile IV Los Angeles may vary based on the patient's needs. A typical IV vitamin therapy bag costs starts from $225.

What is the average time frame in which IV vitamin therapy lasts?

Combined with a supplementation regimen recommended by your doctor, IV vitamin therapy can provide significant benefits over several months.

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